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About Cim

Cim's Philosophy

My earliest memories of creativity, and the sensation of colors and forms are from a very young age, when I received my first coloring book and a box of oil pastels. My first choice was the color orange. Carefully filling in the first portion of a picture and staying within the lines, I was exuberant to see this gorgeous magnificent color! When I filled in the area next to the orange with light blue, something extraordinary happened. The most delicious, blissful, radiant effect vibrated in front of me! I was mesmerized, ecstatic over how beautiful the effect was and how it made me feel.

It went on, image after image, page after page with only these two colors. The same wonderful feeling and sight would repeat itself over and over again. I fell madly in love with these two colors! It didn't matter what I was drawing; I was entranced by the vibrant effect of these two colors placed side by side.

I remember holding the oil pastel stick between my small fingers with its creamy, oily texture on my fingertips, and peeling off the paper on the shrinking stick. I would marvel with wonder. What a fantastic trick! Am I doing this? How? Is it in my eyes? When I closed my eyes to go to sleep at night I would see the colors. How was this possible? What a secret treasure I had discovered. By looking with my eyes and using my hand I could create something that instantly made me feel warm, wonderful and fantastic. I could also do the same thing by closing my eyes and remembering the colors. Even more mysterious was the way I could imagine endless variations and forms.

What weren’t endless were my two coloring sticks. All the other colors remained almost untouched in the box, and with great despair the moment came when the little pieces left between my fingertips disappeared, as the sun disappears over the ocean at sunset. I had my first experience of death, as well as my first inkling of eternity. The oil pastel was gone in one form, but remained in another, the colors displayed forever in that coloring book and held brilliant in my memory.

This started a lifelong journey of creative exploration that has included study and practice in art schools, courses, with private teachers, but most of all through my own private creation.

My important measure of any art is how it makes me feel. This judgment supercedes any aesthetic evaluation, my emotional response to a piece is my highest criteria for art. I lost this understanding momentarily in art school when grades, teachers, and other opinions distracted me from this belief.

My wish and intention in my art is to attain the innocent wonder of a child’s state, and for my viewers to experience something that resonates within that is beyond words, shapes and forms: the pure essence of creation, love and happiness.



Cim Kraemer has been making art since her youth in Stockholm Sweden. She lives in San Diego, California with her husband, John, and three children, Mitch, Belinda, and Jacob. She creates in oil, charcoal, and mixed media.